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June 2023

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progress on
Washi memories

The story of the papermakers of Kamikawasaki in Fukushima prefecture by paper artist Eleanor Burkett

Planned for Autumn 2023

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I'm now twelve weeks into the printing with about another six weeks to go. The end is in sight.

With 95 separate runs required, each printing on 170 sheets (some of which go through the press six times), my mock-up of the entire book is key to making sure the right things get printed in the right order on the right sheets. Only one serious mistake so far that meant redoing an entire sheet :-( One by one, items get ticked off.

The book definitely feels as if it is starting to take shape as I add the second colour for headings, photograph captions, and haiku.


And I've had samples of the photographs printed up to check sizes. (This is an untrimmed sheet.)


My plan is to have all the printing done by the end of July so that we can get a single copy bound to check that all is well and in particular to see what guards need to be sewn in in order to balance the tipped-in materials: thirty photographs and twelve paper samples.

This is one of two new books that we will be showing at the Oxford Fine Press Book Fair on 9th and 10th of this December, and we are hoping to have a launch of the book in London in November - stay tuned!


Three books with just a few copies left



These books are nearly sold out. All are available at our online shop.

Into the Lagoon:

At nightfall on the shortest day:


Only the printer knows:

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