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May 2023

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progress on
Washi memories

The story of the papermakers of Kamikawasaki in Fukushima prefecture by paper artist Eleanor Burkett

Planned for Autumn 2023

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Work has begun in earnest on this major new book. With the delivery of 5,000 sheets of Matrix Fine Laid, it was time to get out the cases of 14pt Fournier italic and a stick. My plan shows that I have 95 runs to do, each printing 170 copies - some sheets will have to go through the press six times. The longest journey has a first step . . .

I'm rather fond of the Fournier italic; it has a gentle human feel about it, quite different from the chiselled look of many others. This is a sample, much magnified:

Each group of photographs is preceded by a heading in Japanese by calligrapher Yōko Hashimoto which will be printed by line block. I've had the blocks made and proofed one up quickly. I've carefully marked each showing which way up it goes.


I'm now six weeks into the setting and printing, and that pile of paper has been printed on at least one side with text, and they now await backing up and the addition of headings, photograph captions, and haiku in a second colour. The Japanese headings will be printed separately last.

The book's author, paper artist Eleanor Burkett, must now wait patiently while we work our way through the printing of her book. She visited the Press recently to discuss various aspects of the book, such as the binding and sales, and it was an opportunity for me to put her to work taking sheets off the press - watch the video

We're hoping for publication late summer, early autumn. There will be an edition of 150 copies, each of 118pp. As for price, at the moment it's (still) hovering around £190.

Eleanorís work using Kamikawasaki paper can be seen in the current exhibition Earth Materials at Gallery 57 in Arundel until June 10th.

Her work featuring handmade papers and paper thread made from Kamikawasaki paper can be seen in two forthcoming exhibitions:

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