Some picture diaries showing the Press at work

Each of these sequences illustrates the making of one of our books, highlighting particular aspects of the process.

Click on a thumbnail to start a sequence in a new window. Click on each image to step to the next, until you reach the end of the sequence.

Twelve poems from the Manyoshu printing 'The Colours of Rome'  

The Colours of Rome

printing 'The Colours of Rome'

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Palladio's Homes

the printing of 'Palladio's Homes'
The Daniel Press in Frome read about 'The Daniel Press in Frome'
Oxford's Ornaments the printing of 'Oxford's Ornaments'
Henry James Sat Here the making of 'Henry James Sat Here'
The Bricks of Venice the making of 'The Bricks of Venice'
Jump of the Manta Ray the printing of 'Jump of the Manta Ray'
Harry Carter, Typographer the making of 'Harry Carter, Typographer'
Tonge's Travels the printing of 'Tonge's Travels'

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