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Find out how to get the most from our site.

At all times you should see a column of buttons on the left hand side of the screen - these are your main way to get around the site. But there are also other buttons here and there which will allow you to get into more detail, see pictures, read excerpts, and so on. Read on to find out more of what is available.

Some excerpts and essays are in the form of PDF files for which you will need the (free) Adobe Reader.

Features available

The button to look for


At any time you can click on the 'home' button on the left to get back to the main page.

Book listings

We have a number of books in print at any one time, and other books planned. Click on the 'in print' button on the left to get an index to our books in print. Click on the 'plans' button on the left to get a list of the books we are planning. For a checklist of all the books we have published, in print and out of print, click on the 'history' button on the left.

Sheets for binders

If you are a binder and like to obtain unbound sets of sheets you will find that we also sometimes reserve a small proportion of each edition unbound for binders and at a large discount. For a full list of books available in sheets, click on the 'binders' button on the left.

A book's progress

Our e-newsletters record progress with individual titles and announce forthcoming events of interest. As work progresses the story builds, and, if a book is in hand, you will see a 'progress' button against its listing - by clicking on it you can start reading the history of the book from the first newsletter it featured in. For books that have been published you will see a 'cuttings' button.

Each newsletter entry has buttons that take you back and forth for the entries for that book, so you can see how things went through the project.

You can browse through all our past newsletters by clicking on the 'archive' button on the left.

read about progress to date

Excerpts from books

For some books, you can get substantial excerpts of the text of the book when you see an 'excerpt' button. When you click on an 'excerpt' button a new window will open, and the excerpt will be displayed from a PDF. The format will be similar to, but not exactly the same as, that in the book itself. 

Pictures from books

The listing for a title will generally offer one or more of the illustrations from the book: just click on the thumbnails where present.

Pictures of books

In most cases, the listing for a title will offer one or more pictures of the book itself, perhaps showing the binding and a sample opening. Click on the thumbnails.

Ordering books

We hope of course that you will want to buy our books. You can get details of how to order by clicking on the 'order' button on the left. In particular, it will take you to our online shop.

Staying in touch

To get in touch click on the 'contact' button on the left.

Why not ask to receive our e-mail newsletters on developments at the Press? We send them out no more often than monthly, and aim to give a little of the flavour of the trials, tribulations, and pleasures of the private press. No salesperson will call and you can unsubscribe at any time. Click on the 'get news' button on the left and give us as much or as little detail about yourself as you like (but at least a name and email address!).

To read our past newsletters going back to 2002 click on the 'archive' button on the left.

Data privacy

You can read our simple data privacy policy on the 'contact page'.

Getting paper prospectuses

Click on the 'contact' button on the left and send us your request.

The Press at work

You may be interested to know a little about how a book gets printed. Click on the 'at work' button on the left for a number of sequences of photos of printing in progress. The same page will take you to coverage of the equipment we use.

For some of our books we have recorded the steps involved in a series of photographs with the occasional video. Where there is a picture diary for a book, you will find a 'the story' button in the listing for the book.


Sound archive

A section of the site is devoted to sound recordings of conversations with printers and others involved in the work of the Press.

The Fine Press Book Association

The Old School Press actively supports the work of the Fine Press Book Association (FPBA), membership of which is open to everyone with an interest in contemporary fine printing - as collector, dealer, or printer. The 'FPBA' button on the left will take you to the FPBA's own website.


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