Recorded voices from the world of printing:

Vivian Ridler, Printer to the University of Oxford

In this conversation recorded in February 2000, Martyn Ould and Martyn Thomas talk to Vivian Ridler, who was Printer to the University Press, Oxford from 1958 to 1978, having joined as Assistant Printer to Charles Batey in 1948. Our conversation was recorded at his home in Oxford during the later stages of our research for The Fell Revival. I was starting to see the need for what became Stanley Morison & 'John Fell', and Martyn Thomas was contemplating what would become Harry Carter, Typographer.

We would like to thank the Ridler family for permission to include these recordings in our archive. The photo of Ridler above was taken in 1967 (copyright OUP).

Part 1. Batey's motivation of Morison. Making the unusual logotypes for the Fell English. Printing the Ganymede Press King Lear. Letter to a Friend for David Godine. Our catalogue of books done in Fell. Meynell's possession of Fell types. (15:51)
Part 2. John Simmons's role in the book John Fell, the University press and the 'Fell' types. The Fell Fascicules. The 1959 national printing strike. Management and unions. (8:06)
Part 3. Harry Carter. Printer Charles Batey (to whom Ridler was Assistant for ten years). (7:28)
Part 4. Our progress on The Fell Revival. Daniel and his work at the Daniel Press. Ridler's management of the Press. John Randle's Matrix periodical. (7:10)
Part 5. (The initial subject of the conversation is Nicolas Barker.) Stanley Morison. Jan van Krimpen. Beatrice Warde. On being rude. (9:47)
Copyright Martyn Ould 2007.