Type loves carpeting

When Mark Arman closed his Workshop Press we were fortunate to be able to buy his holding of Perpetua, Caslon and various other faces. The bulk of Mark's founts were of Monotype composition type, and it is these that are pictured in this image. We also bought foundry founts from Stephenson Blake of various sizes of Perpetua and Caslon shortly before SB closed their foundry, and some of Mark's SB founts were merged with them. We now have useful quantities of foundry 14pt Perpetua and Caslon for hand-setting, and an excellent range of other sizes up to 72pt, including Perpetua titling founts from 18pt up to 72pt.

Visitors to the Press often comment on the sumptuous carpeting. It certainly helps stop the cold striking up through the feet during long hand-setting stints standing in front of the random. But, almost as important, it also means that if you do drop a piece of type - especially that 60pt Caslon italic swash cap A - it's still usable and not ruined by falling on concrete.

The image is copyright © Martyn Ould 2002.