Our treadle platen

This is our 15inch by 10inch Chandler & Price treadle platen which was imported by Caslon Ltd from the Cleveland, Ohio, company in 1910. It was the first press acquired by the Press and our first eleven books were printed on it.

The press came from a local jobbing printer who had saved it from what was once a much larger business, along with a Heidelberg windmill that he still used for jobbing work (envelopes, letterheads, paper bags etc). The business had not moved with technologies, and the C&P ended up in a shed where it 'aged' for some years, but was finally restored to working use, painted in British Racing Green, and given a new set of rollers. Getting an even impression has always been a struggle but it still serves well for small items.

The image is copyright © Martyn Ould 2001.