Notes on the Press's resources

Small founts and flowers 

Many years ago, when Jonathan Stephenson sold his Rocket Press materiel, we bought this splendid type-rack which was from Stephenson Blake. It now holds a number of small founts of large-size (display) founts such as Festival, Mole Foliate, Harlequin, Trump Gravur, and Union Pearl. It also holds many of Mark Arman's founts of Monotype ornaments from his Workshop Press. Many of these founts will never be cast again so one is printing with antiques, and they deserve careful storage.

One of the dangers of having a print-shop is collecting. We try to buy only those founts that we can see ourselves using in a book one day and we have sold founts that were never getting used. Without this discipline the shop would be packed with interesting but unused type.

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