The making of Harry Carter, Typographer

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Here on the floor of Stan's workshop at Gloucester Typesetting are some of the items necessary for the casting he is doing for the book.

Furthest away is the pair of keyboards (strictly, 'button banks') needed for the Romulus typeface being used for the main text of the book, on loan from John Randle of Whittington Press. In the middle are the keybar frames for Romulus - these convert depressions of buttons on the button banks into the appropriate movements to punch the correct holes in the paper tape.

Nearest the camera are the keybar frames for Harry Carter's 'New Emerald Bible' type - a 6.5 pt typeface known by Monotype as Series 610 (though the series consisted of just that one size). The Bible type is cast on a 6.5 pt mould. There cannot be many moulds of that size in existence but Stan has one. Sitting on the top is the container for the drum-shaped justifying scale which tells the keyboard operator what spacing is necessary to justify a line.

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