Moments in the making of The Daniel Press in Frome

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Have I enough paper?

I can't remember when it was that I bought four reams of this T. Edmonds mould-made blue laid. I knew that one day I would find the right book and this is it. It has a fine ornamental watermark on one side of the sheet and 'T EDMONDS' on the other.

But I cannot afford to run out of paper so I must be sure I have enough for the planned edition. I know the book will fit in 72pp and since I am printing four-to-view I shall need nine sheets for each copy. For an edition of 175, plus spares, and some extra for proofs, and even more extra in case I have a disaster along the way and I am confident that 2,000 sheets will do. To make sure I have counted off ten 190-sheet piles ready and put aside damaged sheets for proofs.

I did wonder initially about whether to damp the paper but having tried it late last year with a forme of type I'm happy that it won't need it. It has been sitting out in my rather damp press-shop for donkey's years anyway so it already has a degree of dampness that will suffice.

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