One of the many illustrations in On Books.


This is of a collage in Susan Allix's A Prospect of Gardens.

An image of the Jardin Majorelle. It is a complex collage, made in a series of steps. Firstly the green abstract design was printed onto white paper by linocut. Then a succession of pages were pasted on: a sheet of blue paper, a sheet of thin pressed and textured turquoise paper, a superimposed sheet of the same paper rolled in green ink, a yellow paper, and an orange paper. The papers were cut, shaped, and trimmed, then intertwined. The image captures accurately the brilliant colours of the Moroccan garden, created by Jacques Majorelle and restored by the fashion designer Yves Saint-Laurent, with the use of collage suiting the style of Saint-Laurent and denoting the accretions added to the garden over years.

Photo copyright Susan Allix 2023.