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Washi memories

Photographs of the Anzai family of papermakers and others at work, with samples of their papers, with a commentary by Eleanor Burkett

On Books

The creative work of Susan Allix with a catalogue raisonné, by Simon Shorvon

Into the Lagoon

The islands and towns of the Venetian lagoon in 1914 with images by Leslie Gerry

The Lost Colours of the Cyclades

A new study of colour in the Greek islands by John Sutcliffe

Alchemy of the Planets

read about 'Alchemy of the Planets'

Images by Philip Hughes and poems by Carmen Boullosa, inspired by space missions past and present

Stockholm Reflections

Modern and ancient responses to the vibrant Stockholm waterfront, with digital images by Leslie Gerry

Palladio's Homes

Andrea Palladio on building a home, and what others have thought of those that he built, illustrated by Carlo Rapp, with an essay by Witold Rybczynski

At nightfall on the shortest day

An evocative text by Peter Davidson with a wood-engraving by Paul Kershaw

An Italian Dream

Charles Dickens thinks he has been to Venice, but isn't sure

Jump of the Manta Ray

A poem in Spanish by Carmen Boullosa, translated by Psiche Hughes, with images by Philip Hughes


Twenty haiku and tanka by James Kirkup with wood cuts by Naoko Matsubara

Zapf and Stauffacher

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The story of a collaboration between type designer and typographer, by Ferdinand Ulrich

Paper making by hand in 1953

read about 'Paper making by hand in 1953'

A valuable description of the process of making paper by hand at Barcham Green's Hayle Mill

Making paper at Abbey Mills

read about 'Making paper at Abbey Mills'

Instructions for making paper from esparto grass, and more, printed on a selection of Abbey Mills papers

Printing at the University Press, Oxford, 1660-1780

read about 'Printing at the University Press, Oxford'

The first definitive narrative about work at one of the greatest of English presses, in three volumes

The Daniel Press in Frome

Read about 'The Daniel Press in Frome'

The Daniel family and their press in Frome, by David Chambers and Martyn Ould

Tonge's Travels

The diary of an Oxford undergraduate: the Mediterranean by cargo steamer in 1857

De Sitv Dvnelmi – On Durham

The last poem in Old English, translated and introduced by David Crane, with a nineteenth century wood-engraving

Figures in a Setting

A collection of six poems by James Kirkup, with line drawings by John Watts

Chesil Beach

A poem by David Burnett, with a wood-engraving by Christopher Wormell

Lowlands Away

An oratorio in ten parts by Adrian Henri with pastel images by Adrian Henri

A Long Story

A four-part poem by Andrew Motion, with four wood-engravings by Simon Brett

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