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Michael Burghers, Oxford Engraver

A biographical monograph about OUP's finest engraver, working at the turn of the 18th century, by Jim Nottingham and Martyn Ould 

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About the book

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In my work on Oxford University Press during the period 1660-1780, I found that a name that was associated with many books was that of Michael Burghers.

Burghers was perhaps the most accomplished engraver on copper of his time. He worked for the Press as well as editors and publishers in Oxford between around 1674 and 1726. Until now, little has been written of him and his life and work. Michael Burghers, Oxford engraver aims to fill the gap.

A book about Burghers would be severely lacking if it did not contain his engravings. We are fortunate that in the archives of Oxford University Press there are still some of his original plates and we are delighted to have been given permission by the Press to print from eight of them and to be collaborating with master intaglio printer Jim Nottingham who has been entrusted with printing from Burghers's plates in the past.

The text has the following sections:

Life and character
The Almanacks
Engravings for Delegatesí books from the University Press
Engravings for Authorsí books from other Oxford editors and booksellers
Burghers and Hearne
The plates

A sample opening from the book


About the edition

The edition was of just forty-eight copies of which forty-two were for sale. Following the format of all our books on the history of Oxford University Press, the text is set in Monotype Van Dijck and the book is a demy quarto, case bound in full cloth with a spine label. The text runs to 29pp in 32pp section and is printed on a slate-grey Abbey Mills laid paper. The eight engravings are printed on 250gsm Rives BFK. £125.

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