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At nightfall on the shortest day

An evocative text by Peter Davidson with a wood-engraving by Paul Kershaw

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About the book

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Peter Davidson first wrote for us in Winter Light, two complementary narratives, one following the sequence of Hugh Buchananís fourteen watercolours as the light and colours change with the moving season, another taking us on a visitorís winter journey, moving now through space as well as time.

In this new text, Peter describes the emotions, scents, and failing light of twilight as night approaches in the north of the country. It is both warm and melancholy.

When I turned to the question of illustration, the topic and mood immediately made me think of Paul Kershaw - one of his delicate and luminous engravings of the Isle of Skye is on the wall above where I set type. Paul has engraved an image which has been tipped in; it is formed by two blocks, that were printed separately. One captures a river between distant hills and mountains beneath a brooding stormy sky, the other a menhir surmounting a hill in the foreground, caught in a shaft of sunlight.

Paul Kershaw's wood engraving in the book


About the edition

The book consists of a single 16pp section sewn into a cover of a soft, mottled hand-made paper from the Larroque mill. The text has been hand-set in 14pt Fournier italic and printed on an antique laid paper. There is a small edition of fifty-five copies of which forty-five are for sale at £55 each.

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