The heart of the caster

The diecase shown here holds up to 17*15 (ie 255) matrices, each of which is the 'negative' of one character, eg a lower case italic e, or a small cap B. As the caster is run, the diecase is moved to place the appropriate matrix over a mould, type metal is forced in, the mould opens, and the cast 'sort' emerges top middle of this picture. Sorts (characters or spaces) build up to form a line of type. Once the line is complete, it is moved down the galley and the next line is started. To the right of the picture is the galley of freshly cast type. The diecase shown is for 14pt Octavian, which Harry used to cast the type for our book Jump of the Manta Ray.

next view of typecasting

The image is copyright © Martyn Ould 2002.