Moments in the making of The Colours of Rome.

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A second colour

I had earlier decided that the headings (and the title, shown here, and the page numbers) would be done with some tall wood-letter in a second colour, a strong warm yellow, appropriate to the subject matter. That will require a second printing of course, so when I print the text I must leave blank space for each heading when I make up the text pages. But how much? The wood letters for the headings are 72pt and if I put 12pt between the heading and the following text that would need 84pt at the top of the page. Of course I want the lines of text below the heading to fall at the same height on the page as the lines of text on a page that doesn’t have a heading. Conveniently five lines of leaded text make 85pt so that is the amount I shall put in the forme above the text that follows a heading to make the right gap.

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