Moments in the making of Oxford's Ornaments

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Keeping track

Before starting, I make a list of all the sheets to go on the press and which pages/openings are on them - see the pink sheet. There's a little rush of endorphins each time a sheet gets ticked off. With this book, however, each side had to go through the press twice: once for the text, and again for the ornaments. This is because type cast at the University Press at Oxford is fractionally higher than English type (0.9395 in. rather than 0.918 in.). This means that I have to set the press up differently to print ornaments, and hence the two separate runs as most pages have both text and ornaments.

At the start of printing I also print a set of reference sheets showing the density of black that I am looking for at the start of a batch of ten and at the end, where I adjust the inking for the next ten.

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