Moments in the making of Oxford's Ornaments

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An aerial view of the forme

The bed of my press is 30 inches across (left to right in this view) and it is easily big enough to take two openings of this book (running vertically in this view). The page top left is the first page of the list of subscribers (listed in a double column under the heading and flower arrangement). Bottom right is the colophon page. The other two pages have an 8em gap on one side where the ornaments appear individually against their details.

Normally the four pages go on the press quite quickly and are ready to print without much ado. But in this case the names of the Subscribers had to be hand-set at the last minute (one squeezed in by a couple of hours!), and the colophon had to be completely reset as many of the details of production had been changed since I sent the text off to Stan Lane for typesetting.

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