Moments in the making of The Daniel Press in Frome

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Bad impressions

I reconstructed that partly-pied page - and checked proofs of it very carefully as one is also bound to make mistakes in reassembling things in that way.

Generally speaking, I set up a full forme (in this case of four full pages) to use for the sequence of proofs with different levels of inking that I use to decide how I want things to look and then as controls for inking throughout the book. Those first few proofs come off quite easily . . . except when they don't and you take off a sheet that looks like the one of the right, and you stand and look at it in amazement wondering how on earth that chaotic impression could happen. No, it wasn't random bits of packing on the cylinder left over from a previous job - for a new book I always put on fresh packing.

It took a while to figure out why this was happening and correct the problem, then back to the job in hand.

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