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how to contact us


You can email us, or write to The Old School Press, Cliff Edge, Beer Hill, Seaton EX12 2QD, UK.

To sign up for our occasional e-newsletter go to the sign-up form here.

how to order from us


You can order any of our in-print books or posters by emailing us, or writing to The Old School Press, Cliff Edge, Beer Hill, Seaton EX12 2QD, UK to let us know what you would like. If you are a new customer we will send you an invoice detailing your purchase, shipping charges, and payment options.

Shipping is additional (unless otherwise stated) and charged at cost; items will be sent by the cheapest reliable means in the UK, and by air mail abroad at the printed papers rate where possible and otherwise by a shipping service, unless you tell us otherwise. We generally use a service requiring a signature. Non-UK buyers are responsible for paying any local import taxes etc.

Our sterling (GBP) prices assume payment by sterling cheque or direct bank transfer to our sterling account. We offer payment by PayPal or credit card to buyers outside the UK paying in other currencies.

Book dealer discount is a quarter on one or two copies, a third on three or more, unless otherwise indicated. Books are zero-rated for VAT.

Prices in euros and US dollars might occasionally change, particularly when currency rates are volatile, and include a small surcharge to cover cheque negotiation charges, PayPal charges, and rate spreads. Prices published on this website take precedence over estimated prices on printed prospectuses and announcements: planning and producing a book is a variable affair so please check before ordering.

Measurements for books and posters give the height first.

why not become a Subscriber of the Press?


By committing to take one copy of each of our new publications you receive a 15% discount on the price and 15% on past publications. There is no commitment to pay before publication, and you will also receive the occasional ephemeral item. These items have included
  • a copy of An Italian Dream
  • a copy of Three Pieces
  • a broadside with the pochoired frontispiece from the Press's very successful Venice Visited accompanying a quotation from John Ruskin's The Stones of Venice printed in 18pt Caslon (copies are available for purchase - see our Posters listing)
  • a 16pp booklet featuring an essay by philosopher Ted Honderich, Does the book have a future?, hand-set in 14pt Fournier, printed on a hand-made paper and wrapped in blue Richard de Bas hand-made paper
  • a set of tanka by James Kirkup entitled On receiving a mysterious large parcel from The Old School Press, hand-set in 14pt Fournier and printed on fine papers
  • De tranquillitate animi, printed in hand-set Hunt Roman on a T. Edmonds paper
  • Colour in the Home, words of wisdom by William Morris, printed in hand-set 14pt Fournier on a Magnani laid paper.

If the idea interests you, just get in touch via any of the contact routes listed above: email, post, or phone.


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